Jumbo Mortgage Loans in California

In this modern age, it can often be very difficult to seek the perfect luxury forever home of your dreams. But more so, it can be even more difficult and even very frustrating when you’re trying to find and hire the best mortgage lenders. There are numerous options available for you to choose from, especially when you’re looking for a trustworthy candidate in California, where many California jumbo loan lenders will make an offer that seems promising. But while such offers seem appealing and beneficial, it’s imperative that you’re aware not all jumbo loan lenders in California offer the same set of terms and conditions. And if you’re tired of trying to find the right loan lender, then don’t keep burdening yourself when you can the professionals at American Bancshares today!

American Bancshares has 20+ years of experience that’s gained from their exemplary provider services as well as their deep commitment to empowering communities is what has made them recognized as the greatest provider of jumbo loans in California for many years. If you’d like to learn more about why you should choose us as well as what a jumbo loan is, then continue reading below.

Why You Should Choose American Bancshares For Their Jumbo Mortgage Loans in California

We here at American Bancshares are recognized nationwide as not only one of the most highly-established California jumbo loan lenders, but also as one of the most reliable. For 20+ years, our company has empowered various partners and communities. And as a result of our work, our provided services have extended far across the whole nation.

American Bancshares’s organizational structure was designed and crafted by industry professionals who are deeply knowledgeable about the modern home financing market. Unlike banks, American Bancshares offers mortgage products, meaning that all of our lenders of jumbo loans in California are licensed and even well-versed in mortgage lending. They’re not only qualified to provide you with expert and ethical advice but are also committed to assisting you in finding the right loan with a rate, terms, and cost-effectiveness that’s optimal for your needs.

Our organization’s deep passion to serve the community derives from our core values as a company: commitment, integrity, and transparency. Most of our employees — including our senior management — have sat in every chair of the mortgage industry. And thanks to this, American Bancshares is able to gain significant insight from various perspectives. More so, this in-depth perspective paired with deep understanding and knowledge has allowed us to effectively and efficiently adapt to industry changes while still being able to give you the amazing first-in-class customer service that we’re so widely known for.

American Bancshares possesses leveraged technology to provide you with a simple, straightforward, online stress-free mortgage application experience. Through us, you’ll be granted one of our jumbo loans in California that will help you acquire the luxury property you seek to purchase.

Jumbo Mortgage Loans in California

That huge luxury home you’ve been eyeing seems impossible to acquire. Especially when you have little in the bank to pay for it. But it is completely doable when you’re approved for a jumbo mortgage loan.

Jumbo mortgage loans in California are designed to finance luxury properties and homes that are offered in highly competitive local real estate markets. You’ll need to undergo rigorous and strict credit requirements in order to qualify for a jumbo mortgage loan, and due to this, it can be very difficult to tell if you’re eligible or not. But generally, if you possess an above-average credit score and a very low debt-to-income ratio, you may just be able to qualify for jumbo loans in California. And with our expertise, we’ll be able to indicate for you if you can or not.

Down Payment on Jumbo Mortgage Loans in California

While a California jumbo loan might sound costly when it comes to down payments, the down payment requirements for jumbo loans have loosened up quite a bit compared to what they used to be in the past. Many years ago, jumbo mortgage loans in California would be as high as 30% of the residence’s purchase price. Now, however, the average for that figure has fallen significantly down to as low as 10% to 15%. 

When you speak with a consultant of American Bancshares, we’ll be able to provide you with an estimate of what your down payment will be for our jumbo loans in California.

Should You Take Out a Jumbo Loan in California?

When it comes to deciding if you should take out a jumbo loan in California or not, the tie-breaker is how much you can ultimately borrow depending on your assets, your credit score, and the value of the property you’re interested in buying.

Jumbo mortgage loans in California are considered appropriate for those who fall under the category of high-income earners ($250,000 – $500,000). This category is known as HENRY, an acronym for High Earners, Not Rich Yet. Generally, such individuals make a lot of money but don’t have millions in extra cash or other assets accumulated (yet).

Even if you’re in the HENRY category and have not amassed a significant amount of wealth to purchase expensive luxury property, you can still likely qualify for jumbo loans in California. If you have better credit scores and extensively established credit histories that are better than the average homebuyer, a jumbo loan is right for you.

Hire American Bancshares For Their Jumbo Mortgage Loans in California

When you’re ready to purchase your desired property and need assistance from a qualified California mortgage lender, pick up the phone and call the experts over at American Bancshares. American Bancshares has been trusted by numerous clients for not only their professionalism and expertise but also for their devotion to helping you become a part of a better community. You can trust that with their deep knowledge and handiwork, you’ll become absolutely satisfied with their services. For any inquiries, you may call us at 1-833-937-2276 or sign up for a free consultation online.

Our passion for growing communities

Servicing the community is driven by our core values of commitment, integrity, and transparency. Many of our team members and most of our senior management have sat in every chair of the mortgage industry, providing us with a full understanding of the business from all aspects. This in-depth knowledge is what allows us to quickly and efficiently adapt to industry change, while constantly providing you with superior processes and first-in-class customer service.

We have leveraged technology to bring you a simple, straightforward, online stress-free mortgage application experience.

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