Mortgage Professional

Mortgage Professional

If you are looking for a company that does more than just understand the mortgage industry look no further. Our board of Senior Executives has been in the industry for years; and collectively they have helped create a culture of excellence. We offer all the training, marketing, products, tools, and technology that you need. This comprehensive suite of tools provides our team members with a significant competitive advantage in the industry. Today, it has been over 20 years since we opened our doors to the community and we owe that success to our incredible team. We meticulously select our team members to ensure that each is a perfect fit for our companies puzzle. Are you the missing piece? Contact us today to learn more about our benefits and rest assured, all conversations are confidential and kept private!

Benefits Of Working With A Lender

  • Wide array of mortgage programs and products- agency direct seller/servicer to make homeownership possible and achievable for a wide arrange of buyers
  • Competitive pricing- no middle-man involved you are dealing directly with the source
  • Quick underwriting turn times-all underwriting done in-house
  • Mortgage focused enterprise- specializing in residential mortgages allowing the customer to realize economies of scale and scope which saves everyone time and money
  • Platform built specifically for mortgage lending- ensures processing efficiency and savings

Loan Manufacturing Process

At American Bancshares Mortgage we do not see ourselves as simply providers of a service but also as sellers of goods. Accordingly, we strive to not only offer exceptional service, but a quality loan product to match. In doing so we have transformed the loan application process into a science by infusing the teachings and strategies of six sigma into the various stages of the loan process.

These various stages are referred to as “milestones” with each allotted a certain amount of time before they must be moved onto the next milestone. If a loan falls outside of the milestone benchmark, it is quickly flagged by our tracking department. This tracking system alerts us of a potential problem and enables us to get ahead of a situation and quickly find a solution. With American Bancshares, every loan is held to the highest standard of perfection!

When completing the online application be as thorough as possible. If you have questions reach out to your trained Mortgage Loan Originator for guidance, discuss homeownership goals, and expectations.

Once we have a complete loan application we will provide you with your loan estimate. The loan estimate will be provided to you within 3 days of us receiving your complete loan application. We also suggest that you go to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau website and become familiar with your rights and protections as a homebuyer. The CFPB was created to protect you and your interest

Once we have electronically received your intent to proceed, your loan will go through our initial quality control set up. At this stage, the loan opener will review your credit file and order services, such as appraisal, 4506’s, verifications of employment, and assets.

Once the loan reaches the processing milestone, the loan processor will ask for additional documents and letters of explanation. It is very important that the client works closely with the loan processor, and return the requested documentation as soon as possible. The reason the processors ask for additional documentation is that every loan needs to meet specific eligibility criteria for loan approval. The processors are junior underwriters, they know the requirements of the loan program and assure the loan file has all the data required to receive final approval from the underwriter.

The underwriter reviews the complete loan file- credit, appraisal, title, income, assets. Upon complete review, the underwriter certifies that the loan meets eligibility criteria to receive loan approval.

This is your last step prior to closing. You will receive a closing disclosure 3 days prior to the closing date, upon confirmation of receipt of closing disclosure we can work with your attorney or title company to schedule your closing.

Congratulations are in order, this completes the last milestone of the Loan Manufacturing Process!

Our passion for growing communities

Servicing the community is driven by our core values of commitment, integrity, and transparency. Many of us have sat in every chair of the mortgage industry, allowing us to fully understand the business from all aspects. This in-depth knowledge is what enables us to efficiently adapt to industry change, while consistently providing our clients with a first-in-class customer service and a stellar mortgage experience.

We have bridged the gap between technology and years of industry expertise to deliver a simple home financing process to our clients nationwide.

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